Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Life Of Prophet Muhammad (S): Know Islam

The Prophet’s Birth

Our Prophet Muhammad (S), son of Abdullah and his mother was Amina . His father died before he was born. Then he was protected first by his grandfather (Abdul Muttalib). After his grandfather’s death, he was protected by his uncle (Abu Talib).

When he was a young boy he traveled with his uncle(Abu Talib) in the merchants’ caravan to Syria, and some years afterwards made the same journey in the service of a wealthy widow named Khadijah. So faithfully did he transact the widow’s business, and so excellent was the report of his behavior, which she (Khadijah) received from her old servant who had accompanied him, that she soon afterwards married her young agent; and the marriage proved a very happy one, though she was fifteen years older than he was. Throughout the 26th years of their life together he remained devoted to her; and after her(Khadijah) death, when he took other wives he always mentioned her(Khadijah) with the greatest love and reverence. This marriage gave him rank among the notables of Makkah, while his conduct earned for him the surname Al-Amin, the “trustworthy.”
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